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NextGen Framework

Online Submission

Submit cases claimed online with attachment attached, communication within admin and agents with hassle free.

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Organized System

Billing System

Billing issue via system will be automatically posted to accounting system. No double entry required.

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Stunning Graphics
NextGen Framework

MLM Commission System

Auto calculate commission for multi-level overriding with one clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an author?

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Helpful Resources for Authors

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How much money can I make?

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Can I offer my items for free on a promotional basis?

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An Introduction to the Marketplaces for Authors

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How does the Tuts+ Premium affiliate program work?

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Mobile Responsive

Our product is responsive to all smart devices on any platform.

World Class Support

Our support team is always ready to assist you.

Scheduled Backups

Too make sure your data is protected, we do backups daily.

Cloud Technology

With cloud technology, it's easier to access the portal anywhere and anytime.

Flexible Permission Control

Only with one touch, you can organize all the process as you want.

Increase Productivity

Our service will help to ease all the application process.

Customer Testimonails

Come across ERP 213, the system is user-friendly and easy to learn for newbies. Technical support is very prompt and nice while we encounter some problems.

Jei Chew Marketing Director, Chester
Customer Testimonails

A system enable us to keep track each sale effectively and convert each case within 14 days averagely.

Patrick Wong Founder & Director, IPG

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